We help organisations and institutions launch their small satellites and payloads into space

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Why a Balloon?

The Balloon lifts the rocket to 32km altitude

This is above 99% of the earth’s atmosphere

Less air density means less thrust required for the rocket

Only a small rocket is required resulting in smaller operating costs

Safer ground operations

Huge ground infrastructure not required

The StratoBooster Story

Andrew Dunn and Ben Massey are Aerospace Engineering students at Teesside University. During their 2nd year they became involved in a project now called TU2Space.

TU2Space is a student led project within the School of Science Engineering and Design at Teesside. The project was initiated by the school with the basic concept of developing a small space launch system for a femto-satellites. Andrew and Ben were student project managers of the TU2Space project and have recently co-founded a start-up business, StratoBooster.

StratoBooster is focused in the development of a High-altitude Balloon launched rocket system, capable in helping organisations and institutions launch their small satellites and payloads into space. Their business plans are to commercialise their work from TU2Space with the aim of further researching and testing their current work and developing the small space launch system for customers, who have already expressed interest in using this system.

With the reduced operating costs compared with other providers of space launches, flexible launch locations and effects of weather on balloons being minimal, we aim to:

- Create a Space Launch System for Femto/ Pico Payloads and satellites

- Make small satellite operators the priority, when currently they are secondary

- Make space accessible to the many

- Help schools and institutions conduct affordable space missions and promote STEM throughout.

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Why StratoBooster?

Lower operating costs than other space launch providers

Flexible launch locations, from a beach to a field

There isn't currently any small launch systems

Effects of weather on balloons are minimal, resulting in a robust ground launch system

There hasn't been a commercial space launch from UK soil

We aim to be the first to do that

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In the press

Student aerospace project reaches for the stars thanks to funding boost

Andrew Dunn and Ben Massey, both second-year BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering students at Teesside University, set up StratoBooster, a spin-off of the student-led space exploration project TU2Space.

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StratoBooster is a nominee for the James Dyson award

StratoBooster is a space launch system, to launch small satellites into low earth orbit by means of a high-altitude balloon and small rocket launch, from the stratosphere, all done from the UK.

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